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5.0 stars | 35 reviews
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Turn Back the Clock with Anti-aging Injectables

Dermal Fillers for Wrinkle Reduction

As you age, your skin will start to lose volume. This results in wrinkles, fine lines, and drooping skin. Complexions RX can give your skin some extra support by injecting dermal fillers. The structural support from dermal fillers helps you turn back the clock and look years younger.

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    We Offer the Following Injectables:

    JUVEDERM®, VOLBELLA® Lip Filler, VOLLURE® Nasolabial Folds (Smile Lines), VOLUMA® Cheek Filler, Restylane® Fillers, Sculptra® Aesthetic

BOTOX® Cosmetic

Botox Cosmetic is the only FDA-approved botulinum toxin to treat frown lines, crow’s feet, and forehead lines in adults ages 18-65. Botox Cosmetic is a neurotoxic protein which reduces the activity of the treated muscles that cause frown lines and wrinkles.

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Adding extra collagen to your skin can slow down the aging process and keep your skin looking young and fresh. Sculptra® is an FDA-approved injectable that kickstarts collagen production. Sculptra®’s effects last for two years and correct wrinkles, facial folds, and other signs of aging.


Exciting news! We're thrilled to unveil ToxBooster™, the latest addition to our aesthetic offerings, designed to address surface damage, fine lines, sun damage, and dynamic wrinkles caused by muscle movement simultaneously. ToxBooster™ treatments represent a cutting-edge approach to detoxification aimed at rejuvenating the body and revitalizing overall health. These innovative therapies harness a blend of natural compounds and advanced techniques to purge toxins, restore balance, and enhance bodily functions.
ToxBooster™ combines the power of a VI Peel with a neurotoxin injection in a single appointment, offering the ultimate anti-aging solution. The neurotoxin works to suppress muscle contractions responsible for wrinkling, while the VI Peel refines and diminishes existing wrinkles. By synergizing these treatments, you'll experience the transformative results of both unveiled simultaneously, delivering a comprehensive rejuvenation experience like never before.
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Kybella® is the first FDA-approved injectable that can eliminate double chins without surgery. Kybella®'s fat-melting solution helps your body break down fat cells in just a few months. So instead of going under the knife to say goodbye to your double chin, come into our office for two to four sessions. Up to 6 treatment sessions may be administered with no less than one month apart.

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Hyperhydrosis (BOTOX® for Excessive Sweating)

BOTOX® isn’t just for beauty! When you suffer from axillary hyperhidrosis, or excessive sweating of the underarms, you may find relief from BOTOX®. The injectable freezes the nerves responsible for sweat gland activation, effectively hitting pause on your hyperhidrosis. We’ll inject BOTOX® under your arms every 1-2 centimeters using our smallest needle. After 20 minutes of observation, you’re free to go about your day. However, BOTOX® is not a cure for hyperhidrosis—clients need to come back within six months to a year for repeat injections.


Are you unhappy with the spiderweb of dark veins in your legs? Sclerotherapy helps eliminate varicose veins through an injection of Asclera®. This solution helps your veins develop scar tissue and collapse, thereby clearing up your skin. Patients typically see results after two to five treatments.

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5.0 stars | 35 reviews
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