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Dr. Asa Morton recently added his 2007 & 2008 mission trip to Guatemala - click here to watch the slide show>>

Company Backgrounder

Complexions Rx (CRx) is a one-stop destination for safe, medically directed, highly customized skincare. The company opened its doors in 1999 and has pioneered what has become widely known as the “medical spa” concept. Founded by a partnership of doctors, CRx is responsible for innovating a new approach to skincare that combines the latest advances in both medicine and beauty. Their vision has elevated skincare to a new level while helping thousands of people of all ages achieve long-lasting, beautiful skin.

The founding team of medical professionals leveraged an opportunity to make clinical science more accessible by bringing it out of the traditional environment of the doctor’s office and into a relaxing spa setting. In order to offer a wide range of medically-based options, a well-known medical director and dermatologic nurse practitioners (NPs) were brought on board to spearhead the company’s innovative and unique approach to medically directed skincare. In addition, an in-depth training program for Registered Nurses and estheticians was developed to ensure the delivery of the highest levels of expert care.

The company’s steadfast focus on blending fundamental skincare products and services with medical treatments and FDA-approved prescriptions has delivered incredible results. Recognized as leaders in the field, CRx was chosen to participate in the initial study that was instrumental in making BOTOX® Cosmetic publicly available. CRx’s success has led many others to offer similar solutions as medical spas began opening around the county and then across the nation.

Since 1999, CRx has continued to define best practices for the entire industry. Unlike other practitioners, CRx offers a true medical approach with an unwavering commitment to safety and education. In addition, quality of treatments and products, along with individualized customer service remains a priority. A True ‘Medical Spa’ CRx currently operates from Banker’s Hill, under the direction of a dermatologist-trained nurse practitioner and a medical director who specializes in oculofacial plastic surgery and cosmetic treatments. CRx believes that medically directed skincare is imperative, especially when dealing with injectables and laser treatments. This credo is more important than ever as rapid growth of the medical spa industry is yielding increasing reports of spa accidents and ineffective BOTOX treatments delivered by untrained technicians. One of the problems facing the entire skincare industry is the loose definition that many establishments use to call their facility a “medical spa.” A medical director, highly-trained in an area related to cosmetic surgery and/or dermatology, teamed with well-trained nurse practitioners and registered nurses are what put the “medical” in medical spa.